A Rewarding Journey: Get the Mobie App

2 min readFeb 14, 2022

When we talk about Mobie and user acquisition and rewards, we often talk about our data strategies, our targeting, and our existing community of shoppers and savers who are constantly using the Mobie App. What we don’t often talk about is the rewards-motivated strategy of new user acquisition that we are deploying soon.

Today, we wanted to take some time to review the next component for Mobie Earn, which is centered around driving high-impact traffic to the Mobie App to start shopping and earning rewards! The best part about this new age of Mobie users, is they are joining the app at a remarkable time when MBX rewards are being integrated into our daily spending patterns.

Action Based Rewards

As many of you know, action-based rewards are already live in the Mobie app and are already incentivizing both user adoption of the Mobie App and user adoption of MBX. As users engage and grow in the Mobie App and ecosystem, we see a whirlwind of exciting activity on the app as they start to drive additional usage in the app based on the action-based rewards component.

Rewards Motivated Consumers

In today’s spending culture, earning cash back, discounts, and rewards has become a vital way that many people cut costs on their budgets and save up small funds on the side to pay for extra living costs and bonus items like trips, travel, entertainment, and dining out. With Mobie Earn, we will allow users to earn up to 8% back in MBX which means you’ll be earning towards that goal even faster than leading rewards credit cards or other cashback apps.

New Campaign Launching:

We are launching a new campaign across social about how you spend your rewards. Stay tuned for more details and look out for your chance to win bonus rewards by sharing your Mobie Journey!

However you spend your rewards, earn them with Mobie.




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