Miami Crypto & Mobie App Updates

2 min readApr 4, 2022


Founder & CEO, Brandon Burgason on Stage at NFT Week in Miami

Mobie has been very present at NFT Week Miami with founder and CEO, Brandon Burgason, speaking live on the main stage this past Saturday.

Topics discussed: How the utility function of NFTs drives new and exciting use cases for the technology and creates impact beyond just social impact. The discussion sparked offshoot conversations with many companies in attendance at the event and started bridging some of the technology that Mobie is developing in our Web3 business line with other new developments in the space.

The in-person networking time in Miami has also been instrumental in finalizing agreements with several key advisors and investors coming into our fundraising round as we look to capitalize on our international expansion and marketing push in the coming months.

New Update To Mobie App!

A new version of the Mobie App is live on Android and is Pending App Store Approval! From a fresh new home screen and payment flow to easy

  • Updated Home Screen
  • Updated Wallet Screen
  • Updated Exchange Flow
  • New Earn Interface

Functional updates: new groundwork for in-app staking has been solidified in this release as well as more support for XLM testing.

April AMA

Originally planned to happen Live from BTC Miami, this Wednesday, however, we have been advised by a partner that there is a “cannot miss” panel at BTC Miami Conference regarding onboarding retail into the crypto industry at 3:15, in conflict with the AMA. To accommodate team attendance and networking at the “Onboarding Retail” panel, we will be postponing the AMA by 1 week to April 13th.

As always, thank you for your support of the Mobie App! If you have any questions please reach out to

-The Mobie Team