Mobie Earn: A New World of Crypto Rewards

7 min readFeb 1, 2022



We are proud to announce the blueprint for “Mobie Earn”. Mobie Earn is the collective of all our rewards features and functionalities.

Our goal is to develop and deploy the core components of the Mobie Earn ecosystem during the month of February!

Rewards are central to the Mobie ecosystem and, as such, we take them very seriously. Today we are excited to outline the scope of our upcoming rewards framework. We are still finalizing details but are excited to share these components with our community as we formalize each phase of the program.

There are multiple planned parts to the Mobie Earn ecosystem. Here are the first six modules that we are planning to form the foundation of the rewards program.

Today we will be outlining the following rewards components:

  1. One Time Single Action Rewards
  2. In-App Staking: “Rewards for Staking/Holding MBX”
  3. Single-Sided Staking (On Chain)
  4. LP Uniswap Staking (On Chain)
  5. Affiliate Rewards
  6. Shopping Rewards

These rewards modules will contain a variety of components to encourage Mobie adoption and use cases across a range of applications both in-app to on-chain.

One Time Single Action Based Rewards are designed to encourage onboarding and use of the Mobie App. In this program, we will be offering action-based incentives to users who complete various tasks and phases within the app. We see this as critical to getting non-crypto users invested into cryptocurrency, starting with MBX. The mainstream user that has downloaded the app specifically for cashback on cash spending, will also earn MBX rewards while completing the onboarding process. This will help start their crypto learning journey.

For crypto savvy users, MBX rewards will be a great way to expose new users to our utility token!

Here are some of the action-based rewards we are developing:

  1. Action: Load First $100 Reward: $10 in MBX
  2. Action: Spent First $100 Reward: $10 in MBX
  3. Action: First Exchange of $100 Reward: $10 in MBX
  4. Coming Soon: Verify Identity! Reward: $10 in MBX

Mobie Yield is intended to be a convenient in-app way to earn on your holdings that would otherwise be sitting stagnant in the application. Put your money to work with Mobie Yield!

With three competitive tiers of rewards, Mobie Yield should outperform leading savings accounts on an APR comparison with three-term lengths to match anyone’s needs! At launch, Mobie Yield plans to support two-term lengths (90 and 30 days), and, in future iterations, Mobie Yield will support flexible staking, which is to say you can deposit and withdraw at your leisure.

This program will be the foundation for the in-app staking rewards tiers system that we are constructing!

Here’s an overview of the three tiers we are looking to incorporate into Mobie Yield!

  1. 12% APY — 90 day locked — $5,000 in MBX minimum
  2. 6% APY — 30 day locked — $1,000 in MBX minimum
  3. 2% APY — Flexible — $500 in MBX minimum (coming soon with future iterations of the reward program)

Single Sided On-Chain Staking

Single-sided on-chain staking will be a new program designed to incentivize on-chain activity and utility of wMBX for new token holders. Highly flexible terms and high APYs should attract new token holders to bring new crypto eyes to the project.

Increased visibility on the project is especially valuable to us now that we have our app live in the app store and have real-world utility for MBX! Users should be able to easily withdraw some of their earned rewards on-chain, migrate to the Mobie app using the Mobie Bridge in Mobie Swap, and store tokens in their Mobie App for easy spending or stake in-app using Mobie Yield!

Single-sided staking is an amazing addition to the family of rewards products.

**Specific details about this program will be released before the launch of the program which is scheduled for Feb, 2022.

Liquidity is a vital component to our DeFi ecosystem and Web3 initiatives that surrounds the Mobie Bridge and the additional functionality within wMBX (the ethereum wrapped Mobie asset). To encourage the adoption of the MBX ethereum asset, wMBX, we plan on adding on-chain Uniswap LP Staking. This staking program should closely match our previous LP staking pool and reward users who add liquidity to the Uniswap trading pair for Wrapped MBX.

Liquidity Providers (LPs) will not only get rewards in wMBX by staking their LP tokens but will also generate fees from the transactions that are empowered by the liquidity they provide.

With on-chain staking, all MBX holders, new and existing, will be eligible to participate and can unstake their LP tokens and remove their liquidity at any time! These flexible returns are targeted to match daily compounding rewards removing even more barriers to entry into the LP staking game.

**Specific details about this program will be released before the launch of the program which is scheduled for Feb, 2022.

Affiliate rewards are a component of the Mobie Rewards Network and is the key differentiator between us and any other project out there. This is because we are utilizing profits from revenue generated by our core business to give to.

The Affiliate rewards program seeks to mobilize individuals at varying tiers to encourage merchant and new user onboarding to drive activity into the Mobie ecosystem. The Mobie Affiliate Rewards program builds on top of our “Action-based rewards” framework to allow standard users to receive a reward for referring a friend. As the program evolves, it will create additional levels of linked rewards, including rewards when your friend downloads the app and spends a certain amount of money through the Mobie app at merchants or retailers.

In future iterations of the Affiliate Rewards program, Mobie will target offering discounts, rewards, and additional incentives to specific users who graduate from the initial level and become official Affiliates or Brand Ambassadors. These members will have more access to support from Mobie’s Merchant Services team as they are tasked with onboarding and signing up Mobie Merchants to the network. Affiliates should also be able to earn pre-determined “commission style” rewards based on the volume of transactions from the merchant they signed up. These rewards will be built around a specific window of time after the merchant signs up and will be dependent on the affiliate program level of the individual when they sign up the merchant.

There is a significant amount of development to enable the database that powers the tracking of transactions and the attribution model necessary to operate this program at scale, but our developers are up for the challenge!

The goal of the in-app rewards model will be to incentivize users for holding MBX within their in-app wallets by offering higher levels of rewards for shopping at Mobie retailers and merchants. This will build upon several different systems that we will be implementing including action-based rewards and in-app staking. The addition of four reward tiers pairs with the technology established in Mobie Yield to offer an incentive to holding MBX and also everyday use of the Mobie App!

Here are some preliminary details around the 4 tiers we are currently modeling out within the shopping rewards module.

  1. 3% Rewards with $500 in MBX in Staking/Earn account (Silver Membership)
  2. 4% Rewards with $5,000 in MBX in Staking/Earn account (Gold Membership)
  3. 6% Rewards with $10,000 in MBX in Staking/Earn account (Platinum Membership)
  4. 8% Rewards with $25,000 in MBX in Staking/Earn account (Black Membership)

To recap, we plan to have six different reward modules coming soon. We will be talking more in-depth about these reward modules in the upcoming AMA this Wednesday!

As always, please submit your questions ahead of time and we look forward to talking with you at our AMA!

-The Mobie Team

Rewards Note:

Yields, rates, and reward percentages are at the sole discretion of Mobie and subject to change without notice. Cash rewards will be paid to users in the equivalent dollar value of MBX at the time of qualifying action and will be paid in MBX. Incentives tied to action-based rewards will post to accounts in a designated period of time, if you have not received your reward within 5 business days of completing a qualifying action please reach out to for assistance in redeeming your reward. Rewards tied to holding and in-app staking are subject to terms and conditions that may change at any time including restrictions around using existing MBX holdings to qualify for the in-app staking and rewards programs. More details about each program will be published concurrently with the program itself.




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