Mobie Monday — Vol 45

Happy Monday —

Every day this week we have had an update to the live beta of the Mobie App and we are incredibly excited to share some of the highlights with you today about what’s been released since our last update.


  • FaceID Integration! Use FaceID to verify your identity in place of a pin after logging into the Mobie App. We are still working on integrating FaceID as an alternate login method, but this is a great step in the right direction
  • Improved Retail Loading: loading issues from our retail partner were causing lag time in loading our list of retailers, we have made significant improvements in load time, reducing your time at checkout!
  • General bug fixes: a handful of user-reported errors were resolved throughout the week that was causing some users to be logged out while using the app

In Progress

  • An update to the “copy and paste” function on auto-prompted 2FA code fills in on iOS that is causing some users’ app to crash while logging in. This is resolved currently by manually typing the code.
  • Resolution for retail locations that do not accept barcodes (currently resolved by retailer typing in a code in place of scanning the barcode)
  • Rewards & Paying with crypto. Both critical features of the app are expected to be integrated in the next several weeks as live features for all our beta testers!
  • Demo Videos: we shot some demo videos to share several flows with our partners such as peer-to-peer transactions, request payment, and our retail flow.

We are working hard to integrate all the feedback as well as onboard more users from the waitlist. We have currently invited over 100 people to our beta test, and will be sending out emails to our waitlist over the next weeks with a brief survey that you can fill out to potentially help boost your spot in line!

As always, please reach out to support if you have any questions.

-The Mobie Team



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