Mobie Monday — Vol 46

Hello Mobie Community and Happy Monday!

We are excited that next Wednesday, October 6th will be our October AMA and we are planning to have a great roster of topics lined up for you. More on the official agenda in next Monday’s update, but in the meantime, please register for the AMA here and submit your questions.

As always, it’s been a busy week at Mobie getting things ready for our App store launch and bringing more people in from the waitlist.

Here are some highlights of what’s been going on:

  • Waitlist Issue Identified: We have identified an issue that has 987 people on our waitlist to have never been assigned an actual “waitlist number” when they originally joined and subsequently since joining. We have identified the root of the problem and are looking into several options to remedy the problem in the fairest way possible.
  • Social Media Refresh: A slightly refreshed look and feel will be coming soon to Mobie social media, featuring our new themes and the updated branding that you can see across our websites and app.
  • App Store Prep: As we get closer to moving our beta onto the app store, we are tightening up user flows. We are especially focused on reducing lag time, and minimizing the number of “taps” required to achieve any single user-initiated activity (such as pay, send, request, onboard, etc.)
  • Tokenized Community: The moment is finally coming!! Exclusive AMAs, app updates, and early access to demo videos are just a few of the things coming in the Mobie Tokenized Community. Team members are meeting all this week to finalize the dates for launch!
  • Waitlist Invites: We have invited additional people to join the beta but are holding off on inviting mass numbers until the full cashback rewards functionality is integrated. Right now that is expected after the first of October. With the addition of cashback rewards, we will have “full-cycle functionality” to begin accepting new users from the general waitlist.

Thank you for your continued support of Mobie Network and the Mobie App. We are so excited to have made such incredible progress towards the release of the Mobie App! As always, please reach out to with any questions-

-The Mobie Team



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