Mobie September Update

Last Wednesday we hosted another community AMA with an update on the status of the Mobie. This time around, we covered the state of the audits, the Mobie App launch, the upcoming app features, the waitlist release schedule, and the Merchant Program!

For those of you who couldn’t make it, check out the summary below, and be sure to tune in next month for our October AMA on Wednesday, October 6th.

Mobie App Launch Phases

We will be launching mobie in 3 different phases to ensure that every feature is thoroughly tested and works under high load. Here are the features we plan to release for each version:


The first version of the app will be domestic to the U.S. only. The app will have peer-to-peer transactions and banking and will include banking support for both fiat and MBX. ShakeBugs will be included in the app to help users submit actionable bug reports that will enable us to quickly find and resolve issues. Simply shake the phone if a bug occurs, and it will bring up a form to help you submit the bug details.

Bear in mind that restrictions around using banking in certain states will continue to apply. (Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, New Hampshire, Texas, Vermont, Virginia).


In the second version of the Mobie App, digital currencies will be added to the app, along with international banking, and additional fiat currencies. We are aiming to have the top 10 digital assets integrated into the app for peer-to-peer transactions and exchange.

We are still working on clearing up how things will look with our international banking partners, but once that’s done we expect to launch this second version with international banking. We hope to launch this version 7–10 days after the V1 launch.


Version three of the Mobie App will include the retailer flow, enabling checkout with an initial list of partners chosen for their seamless checkout process. This initial pilot list will mainly focus on quick-service restaurants, big-box retailers, and other major brick-and-mortar stores.

We are working on clearing up the terms surrounding retailer rewards internationally and will have greater clarity on how those will look when the launch date for V3 approaches. We expect V3 features to launch 1 to 2 weeks after V2.

Waitlist Release Order

Users will be gradually rolled off the waitlist in batches to ensure that bugs are ironed out and that all of our systems can handle the load appropriately. More people will be rolled off the waitlist regularly over the next few months. At the moment, there are roughly 35,000 members on the waitlist.

The order of release is as follows:

Mods and Investors will be given first access.

Then the top 50 waitlist signups will receive access.

Following those, the subsequent batches will be the top 100, 500, 1,000, 10,000, 20,000, and then the remainder of the list, with a target for a full release before Black Friday. This will ensure that everyone domestically has the app with the retailer flow in their hands by Black Friday.

Merchant Program

We are planning on releasing our first merchants off the merchant waitlist once the Checkout Widget mentioned in the last AMA goes live. We’re expecting this might be around the 10,000-released user mark, which we believe may be around October 1st. The widget will help ensure that merchants have a robust set of features by the time they begin using our program, and helps enable them to accept Mobie before the holiday rush.


All of the remaining 3 audits are nearly complete. The Banking and Crypto audits are done, and the SecOps and DevOps still need some finalizing, but so far the audit results have all been highly positive. Mobie has even received praise from an auditing firm that we have gone above and beyond what they have seen for any other blockchain project’s U.S. compliance. We feel good enough about where we are with the audits that we are deciding to move forward with the app launch.

As always, thank you to our community for your continued support during this exciting launch period! We could not be here without you and are so excited that we are finally getting the MobieApp into the hands of our waitlist!

-The Mobie Team



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