Pay With Mobie and Earn Cashback

2 min readJan 25, 2022


Here at Mobie, innovation and advancement are at the epicenter of our commitment to payments. That’s why, when we formulate a new partnership or feature enhancement it’s always focused on the ethos of Mobie: payments that make sense.

Pay With Mobie

One of the recent commitments that we’ve made to improve the payments landscape can be witnessed in our modernized and streamlined “pay” screen right inside the Mobie App. Today we are going to walk through that payments screen in a bit more detail to learn more about the simple and fast way that you can use the Mobie App to pay with cash or crypto and earn rewards.

Up to 8% Cashback at Retailers

Right from the start of opening your Mobie App, you’ll see our latest cashback information pop onto the screen: earn up to 8% cashback when you shop and pay with your Mobie app! This exciting cashback tier is accessible by participating in our in-App staking of Mobie Coin, set to launch in the coming weeks ahead of our February AMA. For those shoppers who may not be staking MobieCoin in the app yet, there is another option to receive higher cashback percentages.


From the “Shop” screen right inside the Mobie App, you will see a new section titled “Hot Deals”. These are retailers where you can earn extra cashback, like 4% at Blaze Pizza or 3% at ACE Hardware, just for paying with Mobie, no additional staking or work needed! This exciting and variable cashback percentage is designed to drive more foot traffic and improved user acquisition to some of our retail partners through our retail aggregator partnerships!

Coming Soon

Coming soon to the Shop screen is a responsive category sorting tool that hooks into our retailer database. This will be critical as we continue to onboard the 300+ retailers in our partnership network into the Mobie App. The categories section, at the bottom of the shop screen, will allow users to seamlessly get ideas and information about which retailers are included in the Mobie retailer program, and what cashback percentages they can earn!

Your Feedback

As always, please bring us any and all feedback that you have from your experiences using the Mobie app in the wild! If you ever encounter a bug while using Mobie, simply shake your phone and follow the on-screen prompts to share the issue with our development team. Also, remember you can reach out to with questions at any time!

-The Mobie Team




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