Q3 is moving along, and as we get ready to launch V1 of the Mobie App to our waitlist, we wanted to give a formal update about our goals and expectations for the coming months and start taking a look into 2022. As you read through our new roadmap, be sure to submit your questions here and tune into our August AMA next Wednesday, August 4th, at 12PST for the answers!


1. App Store Soft Launch

2. Tokenized Community Launch

3. In-App Exchange

4. Coin Integrations

5. Web App

6. Merchant Checkout & Gateway

7. Polygon Bridge

More about the rollout from the waitlist: We expect to have two versions of the app released in 2021. V1, the version we will be initially rolling out to the waitlist, will include all the following functionality:

  • Cash Back and Rewards at Retailers
  • Mobie Merchant Checkout
  • Peer to Peer Transactions
  • Banking
  • In-App Currency Exchange

V2 of the Mobie App will launch in Q4 and include more extensive and more robust rewards, referral, affiliate programs, and even more integration of MBX within the app. During Q4, the token audit process should be fully resolved and implemented. Therefore we will have even more opportunities to interweave the token inside the application.

In the next 2 weeks of Q3, before the rollout to the community waitlist of the Mobie App, we anticipate fully resolving the primary lift in the Security, Banking, and UI/UX audits. Additionally, we will be implementing better feedback loops inside the application so that as more people come in from the waitlist, our developers can efficiently address user feedback about the app.

Our goal for Q3 is to bring in the first 10,000 people from the waitlist.


1. V2 of the Mobie App

2. Rewards + Charity Partnerships

3. Public (Everyone from the waitlists)

4. EComm plug-in Suite

5. Token audit implementation complete

6. EPOS platform launched

The fourth quarter is going to be dictated in large part by the feedback we receive from the first 10,000 users of the Mobie App. We will be adding additional retailers and charities, using the Tokenized Community to take in feedback, and voting on what stores and foundations to add in next! Based on the feedback we receive from them, we will know what direction we need to take from a development perspective of new features that the community demands in the app.

V2 of the Mobie App will come after the Token audit has been fully completed. We have approval from our compliance regulators to fully complete the integrations of MBX into the rewards ecosystem within the App. Additionally, V2 of the Mobie App will see the addition of our affiliate program for merchant onboarding as well as the brand ambassador and referral programs for onboarding new users. These programs are particularly relevant for the post-waitlist growth period. We are hoping to have everyone from the waitlist in by roughly halfway through Q4, with around 27,000 people on the Mobie App.


1. Mobie Savings

2. Insights

3. Social & Micro Lending

4. NFT Marketplace

Taking a peek into 2022 and what is in store for Mobie. We have pushed the launch of Mobie Insights from Q4 2021 to 2022. We have been building the application with the vision for the Mobie Insights merchant rewards and marketing platform but decided that, with the added focus on our audits as well as the desire to work more closely with live and onboarded merchants during the development process, that we would delay the launch to have a more developed product at deployment.

New and exciting utility functions for Mobie Coin will be coming as we continue to build new products into the Mobie Network. Some of these initiatives include Social & Micro Lending, Mobie Savings, and an NFT Marketplace!

We are incredibly excited about everything coming with the imminent launch of the Mobie App to the waitlist and cannot tell you how grateful we are to have your continued support through these months as we build up for our launch.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly at support@mobie.io or ask them at our upcoming monthly AMA on August 4th.