Please see below the most recent list of Frequent Asked Questions by our community and supporters.

Token Sale — FAQs

Q — Many people who registered for the Wallet have already submitted their information for KYC. Will they have to resubmit or will the information submitted prior just need verifying?

A Only people that have not yet completed KYC or submitted invalid documents will need to resubmit.

Q — Where is my Withdraw button?

A The withdraw button will be enabled a few days before the launch

Q — How do I activate and external Stellar?

A If you send to an External Address you will need a Trustline to ensure your MBX tokens are authentic.

Q — Do I need a Trustline?

A If you send to an External Address you will need a Trustline to ensure your MBX tokens are authentic.

Q — What is a MEMO and how does it work?

A With some Stellar transactions, it is required to complete the MEMO Field. The MEMO field needs to contain the MEMO info that is provided by your external Stellar wallet. It is crucial that you do this so that the receiving address has the proper information to allocate the funds to your account. You can find out more information about this process on our website.

Q — What is a Trustline?

A If you send to an External Address you will need a Trustline to ensure your MBX tokens are authentic. See more information on Trustlines directly with Stellar



Authentication — FAQs

Q — I’ve created an account but cannot login?

A As a security layer, all Mobie account users are required to verify their mobile number upon registering. You will not be able to access your account until your mobile number is verified. Please contact support@mobie.io if you have not received your OTP or are experiencing a related issue.

Q — Why are some of my in-app actions locked?

A For participants of Mobie’s token sale event, early token receivers will have their tokens displayed in locked accounts which get released monthly based on this <this> schedule.

Q — How can I override my MFA method?

A If you’ve set up an MFA method which you cannot access now for whatever reason, please send an email to support@mobie.ioand include your mobile number used on your account.. (Please also use your email address associated with your account). For security reasons, we will need to embark on a rigorous series of steps to make sure that your account has not been compromised.

Q — I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

A Navigate to Mobie’s mobile or web wallet login page. You may reset by selecting the ‘Reset Password’ action. You will receive an email to the account used when you initially created your account. If you cannot access your initial email account then please contact support@mobie.io

Q —What is MFA?

A — a. Multi-Factor Authentication is a security method that requires at least two methods of identity verification before accessing an application. Mobie imposes a password and one other method including Google Auth, SMS, or Email.

b. MFA is to ensure that should one of your ID verification methods be compromised, you have a fallback.

Q — How do I set/reset my password and/or MFA method?

A Once you’re logged into your Mobie wallet navigate to Settings. Under the ‘Security’ tab you may reset your password or set up your MFA preferences.

Q — I’m not receiving verification emails from Mobie?

A — a. Depending on your email service provider, some of Mobie’s emails may end up in your spam or promotional folders. Please check all folders first.

b. Ensure that you have not made a typo when inputting your email address when registering. Test this by trying to register another account with the same email address. You should receive an error message stating an account already exists with this email address if you are using the same (repeated) address.

c. Contact support@mobie.io if you are still not receiving emails from Mobie.

Q — How do I deactivate my account?

A Please send an email to support@mobie.io with the subject header “Account Deactivation” for us to deactivate your account.

Accounts— FAQs

Q —Why are some of my funds (MBX) held in locked accounts?

A For Mobie token sale participants, MBX tokens acquired are released over various time periods. You will see all your tokens in locked accounts which will be transferred to your operating account in various quantities each month.

Q — When will I be able to access my locked up funds?

A Accessible MBX is displayed in your Primary account (also called your default account.) These tokens may be sent, withdrawn or kept in your Mobie wallet. Funds held in locked accounts cannot be accessed, only released each month.

Q — How do I send MBX to a friend?

A — a. Email address or Mobile number: You may send MBX to anyone by specifying an email address or mobie number. Funds sent to a non-Mobie user account will be held in a Pending status until the recipient creates a verified account with the associated email address or mobile number.

b. Stellar wallet address: MBX is a token on the Stellar blockchain. As such, you may send MBX to any public Stellar address for which a trustline has been established. Contact support@mobie.io for setting up trustlines to send MBX to public addresses.

Q — Can I trade my MBX tokens?

A As MBX is a Stellar based cryptocurrency you may trade your MBX on any regulated exchange supporting MBX including Bithumb Global currently.

Q — Do I need to store my own private keys?

A — a. You do not need to store your own private keys. Similarly to most exchange accounts like Coinbase, Binance, etc. Mobie is a non-custodial wallet which means you can access your account with security measures you are used to (username, password, MFA).

b. This also means that if you forget/lose your credentials, your funds are not lost, you can simply contact support@mobie.io for us to help you gain access to your account.

Mobie Tokens (MBX) — FAQs

Q —What’s the value of my tokens?

A MBX will launch with an initial market value of $0.0016 USD

Q — How do I spend my MBX?

A You will be able to spend MBX may be spent in-app or at participating retailers (full list coming soon)

Q — How can I purchase more MBX?

A We are working to be able to purchase in-app directly with Mobie. Currently, MBX may be purchased by participating regulated exchanges. Our initial exchange will be Bithumb Global

Q — How can I trade my MBX?

A In order to trade your MBX you will need to withdraw your tokens to an exchange account. Once the withdrawal is completed you may access your MBX via your exchange account and perform a trade request.

Q — Is MBX a cryptocurrency?

A Yes, MBX is a Stellar based cryptocurrency, conforming to all the protocols designed in Stellar’s network. Read more about the Stellar blockchain here.

Q — What is Stellar and what does this have to do with MBX?

A Stellar is an open network for storing and moving money. Stellar is a pre-mined network consisting of participating nodes that serve as public transaction verifiers.

Funding — FAQs


Q — How can I withdraw USD?

A Mobie will be providing ACH/bank transfer methods for withdrawing USD in the coming months.

Q —How can I withdraw or send my MBX?

A — a. You may withdraw MBX from your operational account by specifying a valid Stellar public address.

b. *Please note, that for MBX withdrawals, your receiving wallet provider may require a memo. A memo is a ‘beneficiary reference’ which is a requirement on many Stellar transactions in order for the receiving provider to allocate your funds to the correct account. Ensure you specify the correct memo when making deposits too. Mobie requires a memo on all incoming transactions.

Q —Why I can not withdraw my funds?

A a. MBX that is not stored in a locked account may be withdrawn to a valid Stellar based public address. You can only withdraw what is in your available balance.

b. If you are having difficulty withdrawing funds, ensure that your account meets all the verification requirements.

Q — I’ve created a withdrawal but it hasn’t been processed yet?

A Check your transaction history. If your withdrawal is in a ‘pending’ or ‘sending’ status, and it’s been more than an hour since the withdrawal was requested, please contact support@mobie.io.

Q —How long will it take for a withdrawal to process?

A Withdrawals may take up to <30min> to process.

Q —I’ve tried withdrawing MBX but I get an error message.

A Ensure that your account meets up the verification requirements. If your MBX account is sufficiently funded and you still get an error message, please send an email to support@mobie.io with the subject header “Withdrawal Error.’

Q — What are withdrawal fees?

A Mobie is not charging any withdrawal fees at this time. This is subject to change.

Q — I accidentally withdrew funds to the wrong address, can this be reversed?

A If a successful withdrawal of MBX to a public address has been processed and this was either the incorrect address or you specified an incorrect memo you need to contact the provider of the recipient address for resolution. This transaction is immutable and is unfortunately out of our hands.


Q — How do I deposit USD?

A Mobie will be providing ACH/bank transfer methods for depositing USD or EUR in the coming months.

Q —How do I deposit MBX?

A — a. In order to deposit MBX into your account from some external address, you simply need to provide your account address and include the appropriate memo on the send side.

b. To get your account address, go to your operational account, navigate to MBX, and click deposit. You may scan the QR code or copy the address directly.

c. You will notice the prompt from Mobie as to which memo you should use when making the deposit.

d. This memo will always be the same when making deposits.

Q — I’ve made a deposit, why is it not reflecting?

A — a. If your deposit is not Successful and Complete on your send side, please ask your provider why that transaction is still processing.

b. If your deposit is Successful and Complete on your send side then please ensure that you used the correct memo when making the deposit. If you did not you will need to contact support@mobie.io

Q — I accidentally used the incorrect memo when making a MBX deposit, how can I resolve this?

A If you used the incorrect memo when making a deposit or forgot to add a memo, please contact support@mobie.io. Note, resolution may take 3–5 business days as we need to manually find and credit your funds.

Q — My sending wallet provider does not allow me to add a memo — how do I make a deposit specifying a memo?

A Not all Stellar supporting wallets have great functionality. We highly recommend sending from providers who support memo handling including Lobster, Changelly, Kraken, Coinbase, and <more>.




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